My notes from the DevOps Handbook

by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, John Willis

Transform local discoveries into global improvements

For new learnings discovered locally there should be a mechanism to enable the rest of the organization to use and benefit from that knowledge.

Mechanisms to create global knowledge

Inject resilience patterns into our daily work

High performers reduce risk of work center being idle or going down by * improving daily operations * continually introducing tension to elevate performance * engineering more resilience into the system

Introduce tension by:

Perform game days by:

to ensure we are as resilient as we want to be.

Leaders reinforce learning culture

Leader's role is to create the conditions so their team can discover greatness in their daily work.

Leaders must elevate the value of learning and disciplined problem solving.

We should explicitly state our True North goals. These strategic goals inform the creation of iterative, short term goals which are cascaded and then executed by establishing target conditions at the value stream or work center. For example: reduce lead time by 10% within next two weeks.

These target conditions frame the scientific experiment. We explicitly state the problem we are seeking to solve.

Core of the learning organizations is approach to problem solving where leaders help workers see and solve problems in their daily work.