My notes from the DevOps Handbook

by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, John Willis

Have developers initially self-manage their service

In our group, most system administrators laster only six months. Things were always breaking in production, the hours were insane, and deployments were painful beyond belief.

Have dev groups self manage their services in production before they become eligible for a centralized ops group to manage.

Launch requirements that must be met in order for services to interact with real customers and be exposed to real production traffic. Ops engineers should act as consultants.

Launch guidance requirements will likely include the following:

If any deficiencies are found during the review, the assigned ops engineer should help the feature team resolve the issues or even help re-engineer the service if necessary, so that it can be easily deployed and managed in production.

Does the service need regulatory compliance?

For services already in production we need a different mechanism to ensure that ops is never stuck with an unsupportable service.

Service handback mechanism - when a production service becomes so fragile that ops hand it back to developers to manage. In this stage, ops act as consultants to make the service production ready.

Never put ops in a situation where they have to manage a fragile service while ever increasing technical debt buries them causing local problem to become a global one. Ensure that ops have enough capacity to work on improvements and preventive projects.